Client Testimonials

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For more than 25 years, Adam M. Thompson has defended the rights of the injured and the criminally accused. From winning million-dollar settlements for accident victims to obtaining dismissals or reduced charges for thousands of defendants, Mr. Thompson takes pride in fighting for each and every client.

"Adam has helped me fight the police and the City for the past ten years over my son getting killed by a NYC cop. He fully investigated my case and always kept me thinking positively. He was able to settle my case with the City I call him my Guardian Angel. God bless him."

Yvonne V.

"Mr. Thompson is the best. We consider him family. He has handled several cases for my family and our friends over the years and always gets great results.  More than that, he treats you with respect and really cares. We would refer anyone who needs a lawyer to him."

Jose M.

"I cannot thank Mr. Thompson enough for what he did for me and my family. I was falsely accused of a crime and he stood in my corner and fought for me day and night.  We went to trial and he won my case."

Melvin B.

"Mr. Thompson represented me in a automobile accident case. Other lawyers did not want this case. Mr. Thompson accepted my case and fought for may years to protect my rights. The insurance company refused to settle and offer any money for my injuries. Mr. Thompson never gave up and took my case to trial.  He was able to get a jury verdict for $125,000.00 when everyone else said I would get nothing.  I don't know how I would ever thank him."

Ronald J.

"Mr. Thompson represented me in an automobile case.  My family and I cannot thank him enough for all his effort and advice. We were ready to settle the case to just get it over with and he urged us to wait it out and have patience. It turned out I had much more serious neck and back injuries than had first been discovered requiring major surgery. He later settled our case for almost one million dollars.  He never stopped fighting for us. He has helped us so much."

Alex R.

"Mr. Thompson represented me in a criminal case where I was misidentified and charged with serious crimes I did not commit. He fully investigated my case and never gave up.  We went to trial and he got me acquitted of all charges. I am now married and have gotten on with my life, I have Mr. Thompson to thank for that."

Keith P.

"Mr. Thompson walked me through my case (personal injury) and arranged for doctor visit for evaluation of injury and subsequent therapy sessions. He kept me informed of my status and explained the entire process so that there would be no surprises. I was prepared for depositions and eventually the case was settled and all issues were resolved favorably."


"Adam put his heart into my case as if he were the client. He speaks up and stands up for his clients. A real old school mouthpiece. A true lawyer."


"Adam Thompson is one of the greatest lawyers in the legal profession. His knowledge of the legal system is impeccable. He got me out of some stuff and for that i am forever in his dept. He is know joke and he really wins every case."


"This guy is the 'best of the best'! Generally I do not like lawyers so for me to say something is quite amazing. Adam is an honest lawyer who is out for the clients best interest regardless if it puts money in his pocket or not. Its hard to find a decent guy who knows what he is talking about. So if Adam will work with you I'd say run don't walk as he has the knowledge and character to help you."

Adam U.

"Adam saved my life!! I was in danger of being falsely convicted because of poor representation from my first attorney. Adam stepped in and got down to business. He is super smart and understands the most important aspects of working a case. More importantly, Adam took the time to make me feel comfortable with the process and understand me. I couldn't imagine any other attorney closing my case with such success!!"


"If you are looking for a skilled, knowledgeable, caring yet aggressive defense in legal matters then Adam Thompson is your answer. I have known Mr. Thompson for seven years needing his assistance on two different occasions for a family member and then myself. My experiences with Mr. Thompson have been completely positive. Adam's handling is heartfelt (he treats you like family) and your in good hands legally since he is very proactive and hardworking on your case. I feel very confident and reassured having him as my attorney. He embodies all the good qualities that you would look for in an attorney but more importantly in a human being."


"Adam Thompson has been my attorney since 2006. He is on top of his game! Always honest & up front. Always gets back to me if I have questions & reliable. 100 % energy!!! He is a winner! He prepares you at all time & keeps you well informed and updated. I trust him! If you need someone on your side chose Adam Thompson. You will be glad you did!!!!"


"When I met Adam Thompson, I knew right away that he was a class act! He is a brilliant attorney, fights for his clients and what he believes in with 110% passion and effort! His knowledge as it pertains to the law (criminal, civil) is simply unmatched! Having had the pleasure of working with Adam Thompson as an on air news contributor, I am convinced he's simply in a class by himself! I worked with him when I was a journalist at CNN and now have had the pleasure of having him as a guest in my own broadcast studio ( as a frequent guest commentator on HLN's Jane Velez Mitchell's Show, Issues. Aside from being a brilliant attorney, this guy has moxie and class! It's no wonder that he is also a syndicated radio talk show host. If I were a network news executive, Adam Thompson would definitely be on my 'short list' of attorneys to hire as a legal analyst!"


"Adam had be retained by a close friend many years ago and I had always heard him described as a 'powerhouse'! Recently, I had an unexpected situation and thankfully we still 25 yrs later had Adams number. It was a holiday weekend and he was out of state but he quickly took it over and not only advised me but went beyond by doing everything possible to minimize the situation immediately. He kept me informed, explaining next steps and his expectation. He handled it so professionally and I honestly don't think the outcome would have been what it was without him. I am very grateful and highly recommend him."