Attorney Testimonials

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Our legal services and trial skills are so recognized in the legal community that other solo practitioners and small firms hire us to either take over cases for them or go to trial with a case if they cannot settle. Nothing demonstrates higher praise for our skill than having other lawyers seek our help to win cases for them.

"I have used Mr. Thompson's services as trial counsel on numerous cases. I have found him to be professional and always prepared. He always obtains excellent results. He is an aggressive lawyer who gets things done. My clients have always thanked me for using his services."

Leon Greenberg Esq.

"Adam Thompson has tried several cases for my firm. We always win, and the clients love him! He is 'The Man'!"

Mathew Kogler Esq.

"I have used Adam Thompson for all types of personal injury and criminal cases for my firm for over 10 years. He is simply the best. I call him "The Master" I would recommend his service to anyone!"

Peter Hurwitz

"Adam Thompson is one of the most gifted and knowledgeable trial lawyers I have ever seen. We have worked on many cases together and his input and insight is invaluable."

Mike Rubenstein Esq.

"Great lawyer. His opinions and advice make obvious his legal expertise and handle on the law. I recommend him without reservation."

David Fraser

"Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community."

Christian Lassen

"I endorse this lawyer. Adam is a very intelligent and creative attorney, who puts his extensive experience and abundant energy at work for the benefit of his clients. He is the kind of litigator that you want on your side when you need to fight a difficult fight."

Mario Pabon

"An extremely talented and well respected attorney in the legal community, I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer who knows the law and truly cares about protecting the rights of his clients and getting them the most favorable result possible."

John O'Brien

"I endorse Mr. Thompson. I've known him for more than 25 years. He is a thorough, enthusiastic attorney, and a creative, out of the box thinker. He has boundless energy and is extremely dedicated."

Amelia McGovern

"Adam is one of the brightest, creative, and successful attorneys I've known. He takes command of the courtroom, is ballsy, and goes after the win like no other! If you're looking for an enthusiastic, dedicated and competent attorney who will FIGHT for you, choose Adam!"

Susan Margiloff

"I have worked with Adam numerous matters over the years, both in criminal defense and personal injury matters. Adam is a zealous, professional advocate for his clients."

Steven Rosenberg

"Adam Thompson is by far the most dedicated trial attorney I have worked alongside with. I have had the privilege of working with Adam on multiple personal injury trials. His attention to every detail and unmatched work ethic have always led to a great outcome. I strongly recommend Adam for anyone looking for a strong advocate who understands how important your case is to you."

Sean Gradowitz

"I have worked with Adam in various cases during his 26 years of practice. He's a very smart and hardworking lawyer who has great creativity and puts it to work for you. He is also very energetic, and relentless in representing his clients. When I need a great trial lawyer in New York, Adam's the one."


"You will not find a lawyer more committed to his clients' causes than Adam Thompson. I have tried several cases alongside him and I can say from first hand experience that his trial skills are levels beyond even our most experienced piers. He has an ability to connect with jurors that is rarely seen in trial practice. Adam sets the bar very high. His passion for advocacy and absolute devotion to his clients is unparallelled. Adam personifies the ideal of the lawyer as fighter, and is an example to be followed. In complex or high stakes cases Adam is the go-to guy. A fearless, tireless, ethical and extremely competent trial attorney."

Aaron Baily