Civil Cases

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The U.S. civil justice system empowers a person who has been harmed to obtain compensation for losses and damages if that individual can prove that he or she is entitled to financial compensation.

At the Law Offices of Adam M. Thompson, P.C., we have helped thousands of people find justice through civil lawsuits and private settlements. From winning $1,200,000 for a car accident victim who required fusion surgery after being rear-ended to obtaining $900,000 for a worker who was injured by toxic chemicals, Mr. Thompson is committed to helping victims obtain the compensation they need to benefit from appropriate treatment and move forward with their lives.

Appeal Case

  • Appeal case (confidential).
    • Client's store owner judgment and Order of Court to pay $500,000 in damages to sexual discrimination victim thrown out.
    • Decision and Order of Court reversed and dismissed in its entirety.

Assault and Battery Case

  • Civil assault and battery case (confidential).
    • Client was assaulted by bar owner. Suffered partial hearing loss.
    • $425,000 for client.

Auto Cases

  • Robinson v. Airborne Express.
    • Rear end collision.
    • Settled pretrial for $970,000.
  • Rainey v. NYC Transit Authority
    • Passenger on bus involved in accident. Foot fracture.
    • Settled during trial for $125,000.
  • Auto case (confidential).
    • Client's car hit in rear. Fusion surgery needed.
    • $1,200,000 for client.
  • Auto case (confidential).
    • Client's truck hit by delivery truck. Cervical fusion surgery needed.
    • $500,000 for client.
  • Auto case (confidential).
    • Client's car hit by delivery truck. Fusion surgery needed.
    • $970,000 for client.
  • Auto case (confidential).
    • Client passenger in cab hit from side. Shoulder injury.
    • $270,000 for client.

Civil Rights Cases

  • Nero v. City of New York
    • Press Case. Police officers assault pregnant woman.
    • Settled during trial $150,000.
  • Robinson v. Modern School
    • Girl assaulted in school by other students without teacher supervision.
    • Verdict of $1,050,000 for sexual assault.
  • Wubayeh v. City of New York
    • Press Case. New York City police officer sexually assaulting citizens.
    • Pending in federal court.
  • Corio v. City of New York
    • Press Case. NYC off duty police officer attacks citizen.
    • Default judgment for in favor of client for $150,000.
  • Colon v. City of New York
    • Press Case. NYC police officer improperly shoots and kills citizen.
    • Pretrial settled for $250,000.
  • Hobbs v. City of New York
    • Press Case. NYC school teacher negligently hit while driving her car by police car and seriously injured.
    • Settled during trial for $550,000.

Construction/ Negligence Cases

  • Martinez v. 2775 Kings Terrace Association
    • Press Case.
    • Settled after jury verdict for $125,000.
  • Ganash v. Moishe Moving Corp.
    • Press Case. Electrical explosion and fire in building
    • Case pending in New Jersey court.
  • Construction case (confidential).
    • Client injured from fallen construction debris. Developmental delay.
    • $1,200,000 for client.

Employment Case

  • Couture v. Mycroft
    • Employment case/wrongful termination case.
    • Confidential settlement.

Environmental Case

  • Environmental case (confidential).
    • Client injured from toxic chemicals at work location.
    • $900,000 for client.

Slip, Trip and Fall Cases

  • Melendi v. Tucciarone and Dimilia
    • Slip and fall on sidewalk.
    • Settled pretrial for $90,000.
  • Little v. Housing Corp.
    • Slip and fall on property entrance.
    • Settled at trial for $90,000.
  • Moldavan V. Dry Cleaners
    • Slip and fall on sidewalk.
    • Settled presuit for $75,000.