What Should I Do If I Have Been In a Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall Accident?

Knee with ice pack wrapped on it

Get Medical Attention

The first thing an individual involved in a slip, trip and fall accident should do is get medical assistance, if necessary.

Report the Incident

If medical assistance is not required, the individual should immediately report the incident to the owner or tenant of the property where the accident occurred.


Get Contact Information

The next step is to take down the contact information of any witnesses who may have seen your accident. Remember to get their names, addresses and phone numbers.

Note Conditions and Preserve Evidence

Try to note the conditions that may have helped to cause your accident. These conditions include (but are not limited to) ice and snow, uneven flooring and cracked or broken sidewalks. If possible, try to preserve a sample of the foreign material that contributed to your accident. Do not throw this or any other evidence away, including bloody clothes or ruined shoes. Place them in storage for future use.

Write Down Information Right Away

When you get home, it is critical to write down as much information regarding the accident as you can recall. These notes will help to remind you of the circumstances of the accident and prove invaluable if litigation is required. Write down the time and date of the accident, your reason for being at the place where the accident occurred, the witnesses' contact information, the weather conditions and anything else you can think of regarding the accident. Try to map the location of the accident and diagram exactly what happened.

Take Photographs

It is extremely important to return to the scene of the accident and take photographs (which will hopefully illustrate the cause of your slip or fall).

Document Injuries

Carefully document your injuries, and be aware that your symptoms and pains may change over the next few days. This will help you to present your injuries to your doctor, who in turn will make them part of your official medical record. It is also important to document any economic or social losses you sustain as a result of your accident. Take down each day of work you miss and each social occasion you cannot take part in because of your injuries.


Contact an attorney BEFORE YOU CALL YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY if you have questions about your legal rights. It is important to remember that insurance companies, particularly the insurance company of the negligent party, often do not have your best interests at heart.