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Adam Thompson Senior Partner & Owner

The Law Offices of Adam M. Thompson, P.C. is a nationally-recognized, full-service law firm providing exceptional legal representation for accident victims and the criminally accused.

Our firm is committed to providing you with the highest level of legal representation throughout your entire litigation process.


Seasoned New York attorney Adam Thompson, the firm's senior partner and owner, has over 25 years of courtroom and trial experience. He is a well-respected litigator who fights hard for every client, bringing enormous energy, unmatched determination, and contagious enthusiasm to each case.

This is reflected in his excellent results and reputation. He has successfully handled thousands of cases, obtained personal injury settlements worth millions of dollars, and obtained not guilty verdicts in some of the most difficult high-profile criminal cases.


Mr. Thompson is often a featured legal expert and analyst for major television, cable, and radio news media sources, including CNN, HLN, FOX, ABC, NBC, WPIX, WOR, and more. Click here to see one of Mr. Thompson's dozens of media appearances.

His cases have been profiled in newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio programs worldwide. Please see the representative cases page to learn more about these victories.


Mr. Thompson will directly oversee how your case is handled throughout each stage of the litigation process, carefully reviewing the pertinent facts and law to develop successful case strategies. This direct, hands-on approach means he will aggressively advance your case to achieve the results you need as quickly as possible.

When a case cannot be resolved in the manner he believes it should, Mr. Thompson personally takes it to trial. Unlike many other law firms, who will reassign your case to a less-experienced firm member, Mr. Thompson will try your case himself.

He is committed to representing you with the same zeal and enthusiasm he brings to all of his clients, understanding and fully appreciating how important your case is to you and your family. When you've been injured or criminally accused, you need someone who is on your side, ready to address your needs and concerns. Mr. Thompson can bring you the relief and confidence that comes with fully trusting an experienced New York attorney to resolve your case.


Mr. Thompson is so recognized in the legal community that other solo practitioners and firms hire him to either take over cases for them or take cases to trial for them. Nothing demonstrates higher praise for his skill than having other lawyers seek his help to win cases for them. Click here to read attorney testimonials from other lawyers who have benefited from Mr. Thompson's services.


Mr. Thompson's track record for handling all types of cases is excellent. He has successfully obtained significant personal injury settlements and verdicts for clients in all types of accident cases, recovering millions of dollars for them.

He has also represented thousands of clients in criminal cases and has obtained amazing results. Mr. Thompson will fight hard to have your case either dismissed or your charges reduced, often down to noncriminal offenses that will not leave you with a criminal record.

Check out the representative cases page, client testimonials page, and client referrals page to see specific information regarding past cases, along with what satisfied clients have to say about Mr. Thompson's legal services.

Please feel free to contact the Law Offices of Adam M. Thompson, P.C. for more information about Mr. Thompson experience's in any legal area.

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