Should Americans Be Imprisioned For Possession Of Marijuana?

Should marijuana be legalized nationwide and should people be put in jail for possession of marijuana?  On the Adam Thompson Show ( Paul Armentano is the Deputy Director of NORML and Scott Chipman is Co Chairman of CALM, Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana (


Paul Armentano is the Deputy Director of NORML ( and the NORML Foundation. He has reviewed and commented upon thousands of academic studies and white papers pertinent to cannabis use and its impact on behavior. His writing and research have appeared in over 750 publications, scholarly and/or peer-reviewed journals including The New York Times, Medscape, Drug Testing & Analysis, and Congressional Quarterly, as well as in more than a dozen textbooks and anthologies. He has spoken at numerous national conferences and legal seminars, including those sponsored by the California Association of Toxicologists, the National Association of School Psychologists, and the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. He has testified on numerous occasions before state lawmakers and federal agencies. Mr. Armentano is also a court-certified expert, having testified to the behavioral effects and pharmacokinetics of cannabis and cannabinoids.


Scott Chipman Married, father and grandfather San Diego. Co Chairman CALM, Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana ( I got involved in this issue about 6 years ago when community members expressed concern about stores selling drug paraphernalia illegally in our neighborhood business district. Before we could get going on the drug paraphernalia we had stores opening selling the drugs themselves. We shifting our focus. Our coalitions have spent hundreds of hours monitoring the advertizing, watching who goes in and out and assessing the pot shops for the products they are selling.